The Halloween Posts


The Ghastly History of Halloween, Monsters, Goth Movies, Making Stories “Dark,” & Nicoletta Ceccoli

The Ghastly History of Halloween. From Día de los Muertos to  Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” (from Parents’  Choice).

Monsters at Halloween. Halloween provides an opportune time to consider scariness and monsters in children’s lives and stories (from Parents’ Choice).

Our Monsters Aren’t What They Used to Be. Nowadays, I am sorry to say, monsters aren’t what they used to be (from the Los Angeles Times).

Goth Movies & Fairy Tales: “Beastly” and “Red Riding Hood.” Hollywood says: Teen Boys prefer empowering metro realism, Teen Girls high fantasy and better costumes (from Parents’ Choice).

Making Kids’ Stories “Dark”: Disney’s “Into the Woods.” How fairy tales have been made “Gothic”and pitched to brooding teens.

The New Gothic: Nicoletta Ceccoli. My profile of a daring young Italian artist who creates dark and eerie children’s books. But are they really for kids?