Biking the SoCal Coast

Taking my bike north on Amtrak.
Dinner in a cheap motel in Lompoc after an exhausting climb over Harris Grade.

Over the years, I’ve cycled different stretches of the California coast a number of times. This was probably my crummiest trip.

Late September and early October 2014, I traveled between Grover Beach and Ventura. I’d planned a much longer trip but a companion jumped ship at the last minute, so I truncated my journey to get to a starting point via Amtrak (and even then, I missed Grover Beach and had to make up miles in the dark). I took a new steel bike, and that was a mistake because it weighed too much. And the route included pretty much the worst part of the California coast ride: inland, hilly, hot.

But as you can see from the pictures, once you get down to the Pacific again (north of Santa Barbara), everything turns lovely. On this part of the trip, I encountered dozens of other cyclists.

More on biking the California Coast here: “Biking the California Coast: San Francisco-to-San Diego biking tour provided hills, thrills and romance (from the Los Angeles Times).”

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