Travel Essays


  1. Travel Plans Via Kids’ Books: Western Europe. Christina Hardyment says read “Heidi” in the Alps, “Babar” in France, “Pinocchio” in an Italian gondola, and “Sleeping Beauty” in a German castle (from Parents’ Choice).
  2. Paris in Children’s Books. For a whiff of the Foreign, authors often visit the City of Light. You can too (from Parents’ Choice).
  3. Travel in England Via Kids’ Books. Next time I fly into Heathrow, I will present my passport and my library card.
  4. Whale Watching. When we could, say, be squirrel-watching or cow-watching, why are we especially drawn to–of all God’s creatures–the whale? (from Parents’ Choice).
  5. Kids’ Authors & Their Homes: Literary Tour of U.S. Favorite authors and locales associated with their stories (from Parents’ Choice).
  6. New Zealand YA Novels. “I could find out more about New Zealand by reading fiction rather than Fodor’s facts” (from Parents’ Choice).
  7. Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art. In bucolic Western Massachusetts stands an incredible museum dedicated to this kind of kids’ book (from Parents’ Choice).

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