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Hans Christian Andersen (& Sex)

“The Original Ugly Duckling” (from the Los Angeles Times Book Review)

02. April 2016 by Jerry Griswold
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Travel Plans Via Kids’ Books: Western Europe

 Read “Heidi” in the Alps, “Babar” in France, “Pinocchio” in an Italian gondola, and “Sleeping Beauty” in a German castle.

29. August 2015 by Jerry Griswold
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U.S. Children’s Literature For Danish Eyes: Angest and Hygge

To discuss in a few pages the history of American Children’s Literature, in the several hundred pages of this Danish Lexicon of Children’s Literature, is to engage in a task similar to miniaturization. If the distance from Denmark’s Skagen to … Continue reading

08. January 2015 by Jerry Griswold
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